Commitment & Quality

We commit ourselves to provide impeccable quality at every stage, that is, from production to delivery. We have our inspection team that checks the quality at 3 stages, that is, at the factory, at the warehouse and prior to customer delivery to help us maintain our supreme quality.

Quality is the prime objective of our company that helps us in winning the trust of the clients. We follow a well-developed quality management system and thus leave no room for errors at any stage. Moreover, our team of quality auditors holds expertise in handling the entire distributions system in a systematic manner. The company has a well-equipped lab for the testing of all quality parameters of products and thus we ensure that the quality of our products is up to the industry standards.

Partnering with producers, traders, marketers and

consumers across the commodity supply chain, we help

industries transform and optimize commercial strategies and

operations by integrating digital solutions throughout your value chain.

Commodities For Inductries

At AG Holland Trading BV, we have one core purpose is to help your industry succeed. We do this by offering industries global trade services including trading, sourcing, exports, imports, due diligence checks, and consulting. We provide the most in-depth and comprehensive import-export consulting service that is structured in world-class standards to guide business around the globe and help them navigate the challenges faced by most new and existing exporters in the export industries.

We don’t just sell commodities, we sell an experience, and a satisfactory one. And will strive to do this over and over again with the clients that choose to build a great future for both their industries and ours.

As commodities are in essence, goods and raw materials that are traded in a commercial manner, they form the basis of various other commodities, acting as the building block for various items and products used billions of times each day throughout the world, including chocolate in the case of dairy, cocoa and sugar for example. Uniquely, in the case of commodities and commodity trading, the values and thus the prices of commodities are standardised, with values set by global commodities exchanges. These exchanges include metal, oil, mercantile and other exchanges around the world.