Extra virgin olive oil

Production process
1. Raw materials
Silica sand, Soda ash, limestone, and cullet(crushed glass),others
2. Batch House
Weighing and mixing of raw materials, and transports to the hopper at the melting furnace
3. Melting
Melting of mixed raw materials about 1550°C in the melting furnace.
4. Feeding
Feeding of glass gob at optimum temperature suitable to bottle weight and shape is fed into a glass bottle-forming machine via the feeder.
5. Forming
Forming of bottle by the glass bottle-forming machine for designed bottle shape
6. Annealing
Annealing of bottles as they leave the glass bottle-forming machine
7. Inspection
After annealing in the lehr, a bottle is strictly checked on Automatic inspection machine and visually inspect each bottle to confirm quality by skilled technicians
8. Additional Processing
A)Hot-End Coating B)Cold-End Coating
9. Packing and Shipment
Bottles are packed according to their destination, and are stored in the warehouse or shipped.

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